One Woman's journey through motherhood and all things related.

One Woman's journey through motherhood and all things related.

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Thanksgiving recap.

It's crazy how much I anticipated Thanksgiving and now it is already gone and Christmas is only 28 days away! This was the first Thanksgiving that I cooked by myself (almost).

I spent almost 7 hours cooking on Thursday. YES. 7 hours. My Mother-in-law helped me clean the turkey out and I am grateful because that is the part I was least excited about.

Everything turned out pretty well. I didn't burn the house down and no one threw away my food. YES! Even though I was cooking all day I found myself to be relaxed. I fed Jordan and changed diapers in between making side dishes. I'm pretty sure that he loved having Mommy and Daddy home all day because we had one happy boy!

After dinner I made the desserts. Of course a pumpkin pie but also some mini apple pies. I got the recipe from pinterest here. It was a pretty simple recipe and the pies came out delicious!! They were light and fluffy (if that even makes sense) and tasted great for breakfast with coffee the next morning.

After dinner we of course headed out for some Black Friday shopping. We went to the Orlando Premium Outlets. The traffic was crazy and the stores were packed but we got some great deals and I am now about 50% done with my Christmas shopping. Why is it taking me so long? I started in October!! Speaking of Christmas, we are supposed to put our tree up tomorrow. Yippee!!!

I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksiving!! Now onto Christmas!!

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