One Woman's journey through motherhood and all things related.

One Woman's journey through motherhood and all things related.

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Thanksgiving is one week away!

Man this year has flown by so quickly. I cannot believe Thanksgiving is only one week away! Earlier this week I finally settled on our plans. Every year we usually go to my brother and sister-in-law’s house and spend Turkey Day with them and their children but after some thought, we’ve decided that we are going to cook at home this year. Now that Jordan is in our life, it is time to start our own family traditions and cooking a Thanksgiving dinner is one of them. It’ll be my first time ever cooking a turkey and I couldn’t be more nervous. The whole dinner is solely riding on me. At least Jordan will never remember if I burn the turkey. J
I just came up with our meal plan. Something simple but all must haves.
Turkey with gravy (of course)
homemade mashed potatoes
sweet potato casserole with pecans
green beans
stuffing (probably not homemade)
dinner rolls
cranberry sauce
deviled eggs for appetizer
cheese tray for appetizer
shrimp cocktail for appetizer
pumpkin pie
homemade mini apple pies

As long as my turkey looks like this, I’ll be happy!

What are some must have Thanksgiving traditions in your family? Any foods you make that are out of the norm?

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