One Woman's journey through motherhood and all things related.

One Woman's journey through motherhood and all things related.

Monday, August 29, 2011

My week via iPhone

What you're seeing:

Hanging pictures above Jordan's crib, Snickers giving both Daddy & Momma's belly loving, before dinner, Hubby wearing my robe, & more kitty love.

Friday, August 12, 2011

38 weeks & 2 weeks to go!!!!!

We’re finally in the home stretch!! It’s hard to imagine that he can come at anytime but with no Braxton Hicks, contractions, or other signs of labor I think it’ll still be a little while longer & I don’t mind! I’m still trying to take advantage of naps in the evening. ;-) Abdullah seems to think I’ll go around the 23rd and I feel more like September 1st. Any bets??

We got to see baby Jordan at our doctor’s appt last week and he is in perfect position for birth (His head is down with his face towards my back). Great news!

How far along are you?: 38 weeks

How big is baby?: Approximately 6 - 9 pounds, and about as long as he's going to get until he's born. The remaining weeks are just him putting on the extra weight. 

Weight gain/loss?: +40. Ahhhh! I never thought I would gain this much, but it's all for the baby, right?

Stretch marks?: None on the ass,  few on the belly and my boobs have seen better days.....

Maternity clothes?: I’m living in maxi dresses, skirts and linen shorts. Everything else ends up being too tight by the end of the day!

Sleep?: Ugh. Between the 4-5 trips to the bathroom in the middle of the night, being woken up by heart burn, or the sudden urge to snack on Chips A Hoy cookies & milk at 6 am, it’s been better. The snacking seriously has to stop!

Best moment this week?: Finishing the bedroom/nursery. It feels so good. Like ahh. I can finally take a deep breath and relax now.

Food cravings?: Ice cream and French dressing oddly.  

Gender?: Handsome little Boy! 

Movement?: All day long. It’s crazy how strong they’re getting. Sometimes his kicks are so hard it wakes me up in bed or has me jump in my chair.

Belly button?: I wouldn't say it has "popped," but it definitely isn't "in.".

Labor Signs?: None. The Doctor says my cervix is completely shut.

What do I miss?: Fitting in my clothes, not having back pains or sore knees, and not getting uncomfortable every 5 minutes in bed.

What I'm looking forward to this week? Getting my iPhone 4 fixed! I can’t wait to take pictures and videos of my little man once he’s born!

Monday, August 1, 2011

The weekend is over. Sigh.

The weekend is over. Sigh. I honestly can’t wait for Friday afternoon to come again. The weekends are going by so fast and I am NOT happy about it, but I am happy that Abdullah now gets the weekends off! His boss allowed him to change his schedule to M-F 9-5 and coming in on the weekend is optional for him. I had some high hopes for what we would get done this weekend, but we ended up just “going with the flo” and enjoying our selves. We finally bought new lamps for our bedside tables on Friday @ Target. (Pictures coming soon) I can’t wait for our room/nursery in room to be completed. I will actually feel like I can relax and not be so OCD about everything. Saturday, we actually picked up the pace a little and went to a driving range in the afternoon. Mind you, I have never seriously hit a golf ball before. (Playing around in the back yard at 10 doesn’t count) We hot golf balls for a solid 40 minutes and I was worn out, but I had a ton of fun! And actually might have done a little better then Abdullah, but sshhh. Don’t rub it in. He gets a little sensitive about not being the best at everything. J After going home and showering we headed over to my brother’s house to see the kiddos and everyone else. Every time I spend more than a week away from Victoria and Junior it feels like 2 months. They just keep getting bigger and bigger. Junior already has his bottom 2 teeth and the top 2 are coming down too! It won’t be too long before Jordan will be here and he’ll have a little boy his age to hang out with! It was great seeing some family on Saturday, but now if I could get my butt over to my Grandmother’s house, (which is way overdue) I will be completely satisfied.
Sunday was our lazy day. We slept in, ate a yummy breakfast (weekends are good for that), and did some cleaning. Then my amazing Best Friend Megan came over and it was soo good to catch up. I feel like we’re both so busy between work, and her going to school AND having an internship that it’s hard to actually find a day we’re both not busy to spend some QT together. Needless to say, we were overdue, however, she is one of those few friends that you do not need to see every day, or talk to every week, because the minute you do hang out, you can catch up in a matter of minutes.
After a yummy lunch and some shopping she departed on her 29 minutes journey home. Lol. Abdullah and I laid in bed exhausted and popped in the movie “Limitless.” I have already watched this movie with my sister but it was soo good that I did not mind watching it again. It’s one of those movies where it is actually better the second time around because you pick up on more of the small sayings that you didn’t notice before. If you haven’t seen Limitless, you definitely should! All I can say is that within the first 15 minutes I was sold on wanting one of those pills. J

So, this weekend was pretty eventful; I wouldn’t go as far as saying productive because I did have a To Do list and only accomplished… ooooo… say 2 things. I really should pick up the pace a little. To get myself motivated, I figured I would share my Baby To-Do List with you guys. This is everything I still need to do in no particular order:
1.       Take maternity photos.
2.       Create a Baby Book or buy this one off Etsy.
3.       Purchase car seat protector and install car seat.
4.       Wash NB and 0-3 months clothing.
5.       Pack diaper bag.
6.       Pack hospital bag! (This should be in bold and at the top)
7.       Address and stamp envelopes for baby announcements.
8.       Hang nautical decorations over crib.
9.       Sterilize bottles, pump, pacifiers etc.
10.   Figure out/purchase Jordan’s home coming outfit. I really want this.
11.   Purchase monitor for when I go back to work.
12.   Purchase nursing tank tops from Target.
And I promise, the list was a lot longer. I have actually done some things. J

I hope everyone had a great weekend!