One Woman's journey through motherhood and all things related.

One Woman's journey through motherhood and all things related.

Friday, November 18, 2011

fill in the blank Friday!

1.   A nervous habit I have is     Cracking my nuckles. This is a new habit that I've picked up and it's already making my fingers hurt. Make it stop!

2.   Something that makes me sad is   my son crying with tears. A majority of his cries are fake and whimpers. But when little tears start to come out my heart breaks. I never want him to be unhappy.
3.  Today I am thankful for    my husband, my son, my mother-in-law(she is amazing) and my job. .

4. My favorite room in my house is    my bedroom. I love that our bed (king) is big enough for my husband, the baby and I  to get comfortable while watching TV or hanging out.

5.  I can't stand    waiting at school for 3 hours before registering for classes. Ridiculous. But atleast it's all taken care of.

6.  If I had an extra $100 to spend on whatever I wanted today I would    buy these Steve Madden Intyce boots. I have had my eye on them for several weeks but haven't justified spend the extra hundred dollars yet.

7.  The last person I hung out with was    my hubby and brother-in-law. We went to Gators Dockside last night for some wings and to watch the football game.


  1. Oh yes... waiting for class sign ups were TERRIBLE!!!!